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Your photo on canvas with voice

The audios that we send daily, are lost or deleted with the passage of time. It has always been said that a picture is worth a thousand words …
PixVoice goes further, because we put words to the image.


A memory for life.

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Send your audio on a custom canvas

A declaration of love, a wedding anniversary, the first and so funny words of your son, Perfect gift idea! A canvas in personalized art quality with voice, is a unique and memorable way to convey a personal message on any occasion. Your loved one will appreciate it for life.

How does Pixvoice work?

Image and sound finally together on a canvas.

We receive your photo and your audio with the favorite song that you indicate us as background, our technical service will compose a memorable and touching Pixvoice.


Give a memorable memory

The canvas printed in art quality is wrapped around a frame designed expressly to incorporate the audio composition, thus remaining a message for life.

Ready to hang, with a dimension of 20 x 30 cm and a thickness of 3.5 cm, it will be spectacular anywhere in the home. It is a unique size, ideal for gift items, to collect your favorite audios and not lose them over time.

Clients who have given a canvas with voice.

“Getting my mother excited is priceless. I gave him a picture of the two together with the sound we have of a legendary video. Now you have that memory always available in the living room to see and hear it whenever you want!”


“My brothers and I gave to my mother for her birthday a collage of all her grandchildren and audios of them congratulating her.
You do not have an idea what face he put on and what he got excited ? “
Thank you very much Pixvoice for this gift !!


“I had to travel outside of Spain for several months and the best gift they could give me was a picture with the audio of my daughter and my wife saying good night and wishing me luck.
There is no day that I do not hear it before going to sleep. It is something wonderful and unique. “


Contact us to resolve your doubts about your photo with voice.

We will be happy to assist you and help you to configure this special gift.


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